Succession Planning for Cities Webinar

Texas Municipal League
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Many leaders tell us their organizations are pretty good, but a little too nice. When we avoid having tough conversations because we don’t want to feel uncomfortable by being too soft or too sharp, are we effectively communicating? The answer is no! Dr. Brené Brown’s research around Daring Leaders shows the number one barrier to braver leaders is the lack of courage to have tough conversations. What would happen if leaders replaced being nice with being more courageous? What impact could this have with teams, with organizations, and with customers? 

Forward-thinking cities want to ensure there will be highly qualified people in the city’s key leadership positions today and tomorrow. Creating a succession plan can help make that happen. In this webinar, we will discuss how to determine who are the best leaders for the future, how to develop them, and steps to ensuring long-term stability and success so that institutional knowledge is preserved, and continuity doesn’t fall through the cracks.

In this one-hour webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Why succession planning is important
  • Six elements of succession planning
  • How to develop your city’s plan
  • Steps to managing the plan
  • Identifying high potential leaders
  • Tools for your success


This webinar is for city officials and staff who want to learn more about succession planning for their city’s key leadership positions.


Alysia A. Cook, PCED, IOM

Principal of Opportunity Strategies LLC

This session is 63 minutes and qualifies for a total of 1.3 TMLI recorded CEUs.

This recording qualifies as recorded credit for TMLI purposes and is sharable within your city.

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Succession Planning for Cities Webinar

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